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Only A Game: Link to NPR jousting feature

Visit the NPR website for a November 16, 2002 feature on the National Jousting Finals. Hear the audio RealAudio of the feature. Pictures too on the NPR website!


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From NPR...

The State Sport of Maryland:
NPR's Morning Edition, November 13, 2002

See Jousting Videos!

New! 4-H project jousting video

View short videos taken at a 2002 Virginia ring joust. MPEG and Windows Media Player versions.

WMV 1 - 20 sec (900 KB)
MPG 1 - 19 sec (5.5 MB)
WMV 2 - 8 sec (750 KB)
MPG 2 - 8 sec (2.2 MB)


Lords and Ladies of the Rings - Staunton Daily Progress feature on Jousting courtesy of The Daily Progress

The Lord of the Rings - Staunton News Leader article on Jousting courtesy of the News Leader

"Lance & Steed"
Read the News Virginian...

Fox 5 Morning News with Holly Morris

  Baltimore Horse Country
Equestrian resource with emphasis on the eastern US

ESPN 50 States and 50 Days

ESPN's 50 States in 50 Days did a live broadcast from the Calvert County Joust in Port Republic, Maryland. View some video from the event below. Videos courtesy of ESPN.

Select a video and a new window will open:

ESPN Maryland video

"ESPN Maryland Jousting" (26.4 MB)

Cal Ripken on Jousting

"ESPN Cal Ripken and Maryland State Sport" (9.5 MB)

ESPN Motion "Postcard" (video following a couple of commercials)

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