Novice Class

1st: Karen Patrick - Maid of Mystery, Eastern Shore Maryland
2nd: Madelyn Patrick - Maid of Cherokee Wind, Eastern Shore Maryland
3rd: Tabitha Dunn - Maid of Catalina, Southern Maryland
4th: Thaddeus Cuthrell - Knight of Hawthorne, Southern Maryland
5th: Bekah Platzke - Maid of Turn Around Farm, Eastern Shore Maryland

Amateur Class

1st: Vincent Reinhold - Knight of Anthony, Eastern Shore Maryland
2nd: Malcolm Macy - Knight of Macy Meadows, Western Maryland
3rd: Kayla Rex - Maid of Dixie, Eastern Shore Maryland
4th: Tony Casady - Knight of Long-haired Country Boy, Natural Chimneys Virginia

Semi-Professional Class

1st: Lily Fisher-Flaherty - Maid of Tynewydd, Southern Maryland
2nd: Terry Casady - Knight of 4th T, Natural Chimneys Virginia
3rd: Mikayla Miller - Maid of New Castle, Southern Maryland
4th: Mona Banton - Maid of Midway, Manteo Jousting Club Virginia
5th: Mason Platzke - Knight of Turn Around Farm, Eastern Shore Maryland

Professional Class

1st: Bob Enfield - Knight of Sir Lancealot, Western Maryland
2nd: Buck Schuyler - Knight of Spring House, Eastern Shore Maryland
3rd: Donnie Sherwood - Knight of Little Stuff, Eastern Shore Maryland
4th: Buddy Wooters - Knight of Caroline County, Eastern Shore Maryland
5th: Ken Enfield - Knight of Excalibur, Western Maryland