Novice Class

1st: Christian Miller - Knight of Arizona, Eastern Shore Maryland
2nd: McKenzie Strong - Maid of October Dream, Eastern Shore Maryland
3rd: Delaney Hawks - Maid of St. Leonard, Tynewydd Southern Maryland
4th: Kelsey Ervine - Maid of Misty Mountain II, Natural Chimneys Virginia
5th: Maria Heerschap - Maid of Stars, Knights of the Round Table Virginia

Amateur Class

1st: Emily Trawick - Maid of Port Republic, Tynewydd Southern Maryland
2nd: Michaela Patrick - Maid of Autumn Wind, Natural Chimneys Virginia
3rd: Tabitha Dunn - Maid of Catalina, Tynewydd Southern Maryland
4th: Caroline Graves - Maid of Drum Point, Tynewydd Southern Maryland
5th: Tiffany Lambert - Maid of Velvet Touch II, Natural Chimneys Virginia

Semi-Professional Class

1st: Mason Platzke - Knight of Turn Around Farm, Eastern Shore Maryland
2nd: Ian Flaherty - Knight of Tynewydd, Tynewydd Southern Maryland
3rd: Randall McGill - Knight of Camelot, Amateur Jousting Club Maryland
4th: Chrissey Groah - Maiden of Velvet Touch, Natural Chimneys Virginia
5th: Marley Enfield - Maid of Enfield Farm, Western Maryland

Professional Class

1st: Bradley Enfield - Knight of Little Antietam, Western Maryland
2nd: Bob Enfield - Knight of Sir Lancealot, Western Maryland
3rd: Mike Virts - Knight of St. Marks, Central Maryland
4th: Michael Patrick - Knight of Mystery, Natural Chimneys Virginia
5th: Stefanie Warrington - Maid of Me Too, Eastern Shore Maryland