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The National Jousting Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the ring sport of Jousting. Dues for each club are only $25 per year. The National Jousting Association sponsors two jousts per year, the Hall of Fame tournament and the National Jousting Championship, to raise funds for the maintenance and expansion of the National Jousting Hall of Fame Museum. Donations, both cash and memorabilia, are gratefully accepted and are tax deductible.

For more information contact the NJA President, Buck Schuyler

Requests by mail should be sent to:

National Jousting Association
P.O. Box 92, Henderson, MD 21640

Meetings are held twice a year. Individual members of all participating organizations are welcome to attend the meetings and participate in all discussions, however, voting is done on a delegate basis exclusively. The Association is composed of the following member clubs.

Alphabetical listing:

Amateur Jousting Club of Maryland

Northeastern Maryland. Open individual membership. Members retain exclusive amateur status.

Contact: Randy McGill, President
Phone: 410-925-1639
facebook: Amateur Jousting Club

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Eastern Shore Jousting Association, Inc.

Eastern Shore of Maryland

Contact: Diane Sherwood, President
Phone: 410-364-5172
facebook: Eastern Shore Jousting Association

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Knights of the Round Table Jousting Club

Shenandoah Valley of Virginia

Contact: Chuck Bird
Phone: 540-337-6170
facebook: Knights of the Round Table Jousting Club

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Knights of the South Branch Valley

West Virginia

Contact: Donna Mongold
Phone: 304-530-6199

Knights of the South Branch Valley 2007
Group photo-left to right: Brandon Regester, Adam Liller, Tony Weatherholt, Scottie Crites, Leah Alt, Gina Alt, Meagan Turner, Sarah Liller, Lisa Crites, Alexis Crites, Leah Ruffner, Connie Biser, Donna Mongold, Courtney Crites, Jeremy Ruffner

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Maryland Jousting Tournament Association

State association for Maryland, membership open to all clubs and individual riders in the State of Maryland.
Maryland Jousting Tournament Association Rules

Contact: Ron Vogel, President
Phone: 240-285-5810
facebook: Maryland Jousting Tournament Association

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Natural Chimneys Jousting Club

Contact: Terry Casady
Phone: 570-385-2272 or 570-449-0953
facebook: Natural Chimneys Jousting Club

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Virginia Jousting Association

State Association of Virginia               Virginia State Jousting Association Rules

Contact: Eddy Zwart

Email:  Zcstables

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Western Maryland Jousting Club, Inc.

Western counties of Maryland, primarily Washington, Frederick and Montgomery.   Membership open to all individuals regardless of residence or affiliation with other clubs.

Contact: Ron Vogel, President
Phone: 240-285-5810

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