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"And now I beg you place upon the deserving brow of the fair woman of your choice the tribute of your bravery and the trophy of your skill, and with all sincerity I wish you happiness and Godspeed, and the rich reward of her approving smile, remembering that, Without the smile from partial beauty won, Oh when were man? A world without a sun."

Thomas Lomax Hunter
Coronation address, mid 1800's

Ask any Knight why he jousts and the appropriate answer should be "for his lady." However, equal rights have marched even into the ranks of chivalry. Jousting is one of the few sports in which men and women compete on a totally equal basis. The competition is equal, and so are the rewards. At the conclusion of the tournament the winning Knights and Maids select their queen, king or whomever they wish to honor. Upon the lady's brow is placed a floral "crown," and she receives a kiss. The coronation may be as elaborate and colorful as the imagination will permit. Embellishments might include: trellis archways, throne chairs, red carpet runners, a king "knighting" the winners with a sword, honor guards, velvet capes and victory rides just to name a few. Sometimes, in addition to the honor of crowning their chosen, the winners receive prizes. Trophies, cash or a useful item of tack are always appreciated. When the ceremony is over, friends come to the platform bringing congratulations, and the vanquished shake hands with their conquerors.

In the 1800s through the early 1900s the coronation ball that followed the tournament was as important as the actual riding. People traveled great distances, stayed for days, and the event was usually the highlight of any social season. Today with our increased traveling capability and faster pace of living, the custom of the coronation ball has unfortunately fallen by the wayside or has been replaced with neighborhood picnics and barbeques.

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